Thursday, March 11, 2010

L.A. Here I Come

Today I am flying to Los Angeles to attend the Natural Products Expo( to lend my support for VBites.

This morning I had a bowl of pineapple, and this afternoon one of my giant salads of lettuce, broccoli, legumes, etc. But, I added a new item today. I have not had this since I was living under my parent's roof. I added peas. No matter how much time has past since I last ate them, my taste buds are resolute, and unambiguous. Not a fan!

Not sure when I can write again on the blog, perhaps Friday night, perhaps Saturday morning.
In the meantime I welcome an open discussion from the readers on one of two topics, or both!

1.) A New York politician wants to ban restaurants from cooking with salt. Should a restaurant be fined $2,000 every time a chef ads salt to his dish?

2.) On the MSN Homepage today was a feature called America's Top Roadside Diners with the top breakfast choices specializing in gravy and biscuits, or cheese grits, and not to mention various combos of sausages and bacon and eggs. How much does the media influence and promote unhealthy eating by determining which type of food is the best tasting, or classically American in these exhaustive "lists?"

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