Monday, March 29, 2010

The Home Stretch!

Yesterday was Palm Sunday. The 7:30 Mass at St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Ave. is jokingly referred to as the “Ass Mass” because of the amount of single people who attend – one New York periodical once mentioned it as one of the best pick-up places. Not exactly what the Almighty had in mind, no doubt, but at least the pews are filled. I always marvel at people who seem to equate holiness with the large numbers of palms they snatch up on this day, or the creative origami they weave together while sitting there.

Afterwards I decided to pick up dinner at Candle Café – the more casual sister restaurant to Candle 79 around the corner. I got the butternut squash soup, which was excellent, and tofu club sandwich (I’ve been craving a regular old sandwich as of late – preferably an Italian hero). The sandwich looked like a regular club, but with grilled tofu, tempah ‘bacon’, lettuce, and tomato on mixed grain toast with coleslaw, pickles, and vegan mayo (No, I didn't have the beer pictured here). It was pretty good, but, does not hold a candle (excuse the pun) to the vegan wrap at the Coffee Shop. I also ordered the quesadilla which was whole wheat tortilla with bean puree, grilled vegetables, and tapioca cheese served with salsa and guacamole. This was rather good, I enjoyed it. But in my biased opinion I prefer the Vbites cheese to the 'cheese' they use– and I really am not just saying that.

Today I filled up on fruit – watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, and melon. Also, my beloved oatmeal. I went to the gym at lunch time and had quite a decent work out of cardio (bike, and treadmill) and a good amount of ab work. The NYSC owes me a small credit on my membership, and my trainer called to say that they would rather give it to me in a free training session. OK by me, so Wednesday I have a: 30 minute workout first thing in the morning. I am going to ask my trainer to work me like a dog!

Lunch was my typical, large salad. I was not hungry this evening and just had a smoothie, and well, I had some popcorn too. Well, I was watching a film and I wanted some popcorn! That was my last bag, so I will make sure not to buy any more! The film was supurb - it was called Make Way for Tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and watch it, preferably before Mother's Day!

I am closing in on my final month of this vegan quest, and it is beginning to feel a little weird in a way. A friend of mine wrote an exceptional book called 180 Degrees about his drug addiction which I have written a screenplay for and still need to fix up. One of the things he talks about was that he was so incredibly proud after completing his first year of sobriety. But on day 366 he felt an incredible let down – like, “OK, I went a year without drugs and alcohol, now what?” I know for a fact that I am going to continue this lifestyle of healthy eating for the rest of my life, but what will I feel on May 1? I am sure I will be incredibly satisfied by this quest, and it will not be an excuse to go back to my self-indulgent ways, but I am curious as to how I will feel. Clearly, with just about a month left it will be quite a feat to lose an additional 25 lbs to reach my goal, and realistically, it may not happen. However, I will, 100% guaranteed reach my goal of losing a total of 75 lbs – no question. But it may be June! Either way I have learned so much about diet, and health that I am thrilled with this experience!


Terrence said...

This was accidentally deleted:

Denise D'Agostino has left a new comment on your post "The Home Stretch!":

Are you going to continue the blog after May??

Vegan Epicurean said...

I was going to ask if you were going to continue the blog as well. Glad to hear the answer is yes!

The fact that you plan to continue to eat like this is so telling to me. I wish more people that are "on the fence" nutritionally would read your blog. Have you had any friends change their behavior after seeing the impact it has had for you? I don't see how they wouldn't at least consider it!


Terrence said...


Thank you! Yes, quite a few people have admitted to modifying their diet. It is not anything I have said, of course, rather it was the very act that someone like me would engage in such an endeavor. I firmly believe that being the "every man" I am between the body builders, and the morbidly obese people on TV. Since most people can't identify with either, they identify with me. And if they know, they are shocked. Seeing the results thus far makes people motivated to change their diet a bit because I am someone they know, or at least think they know, so its more comfortable to identify with a regular person.

Vegan Epicurean said...

I think that is wonderful! :-) You must feel great to have inspired the people around to make healthy positive changes. Congratulations!