Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Blues

I was going to write about how I've been feeling generally sluggish lately - abnormally tired. Yes, I have been working out, but I am not feeling energized, rather, I've been feeling listless and lazy.

Well, I was going to go into detail, but I was watching the program Born Different: Unbelievable Medical Conditions. It was on the E Channel, so it was not an in-depth PBS program, but it just reminded me how lucky I am to be so healthy. There was a little girl born with a rare case of dwarfism and she was sent home to die in a few days after being born, she is now 6. It was heart breaking that she only fits in dolls clothes, but there she was going to First Grade with all the other kids. There was a mother born without legs, and incredibly, a 17 year old girl who has not aged since being an infant.

But, I didn't feel sorry for them at all - the mother was so articulate and lives a normal life, as does the adorable, elfin First Grader. And, of course when I think of Heather and all that she does with one leg: ski, dance, ice skate, etc!

Basically, if you are born with a healthy body there is no reason to abuse it and shorten your life - yeah, I know I sound preachy, but I was looking at pictures of myself today from my indulgent days, and ask the question, why? Why would I put so much crap and poison in my body which is sure to shorten my life?

Anyway, enough of the soap box.

Today I had a bowl of fresh fruit, and a bowl of oatmeal, and then I went for my last training session. At $100 per session it was just too expensive to continue. I have no trouble motivating myself in the gym. I do like the boxing, so maybe I will look around at actual boxing gyms; I assume they are a lot cheaper if I choose to continue this great workout. Today I was feeling rather ornery, and being that I saw an exceptional documentary over the weekend, "Assault in the Ring," about boxing I was motivated to train as hard as possible. My footwork is coming along, and I was able to hit the speed bag consistently making that great sound that exudes manliness, badaba, badaba, badaba . And, I was really banging the mitts, grunting and moving and throwing lefts, rights, right crosses, and upper cuts, and even though I taped my wrists they still felt like breaking with each blow. OK, I got weak wrists, not that there's anything wrong with that.

For lunch was the typical salad, and for dinner, I picked up a salad at Chopt. I had some left over soup, but really I was in the mood of something with sustenance and hot - I should have heated up some VBites sausages, but was too lazy.

I am totally fine without variety, so that is why my diet is the same so often. My freshman year at university I went to a military college up in Vermont. Every day we would line up in the freezing weather and march to First Mess (breakfast), where we stood at attention waiting for the entire student body to file in, and then announcements, etc. The entire time the breakfast sat on these cold tables. Almost every day it was pancakes. They tried to rectify the problem of these fluffy hockey pucks with syrup that was warmed up. So from August - December, 1986, virtually all my breakfasts were freezing pancakes and warm syrup. It was disgusting and for 20 years, yes, for a full 20 years I did not, could not eat pancakes! But, maybe I should mix up my daily diet a bit - perhaps I will be less tired. Makes no sense, I know, but maybe.

I like my oatmeal and salads with the occasional edamame, and miso, and Turkish falafel wrap.

Wrap...hmmmm; think I will go down to Union Square for my vegan wrap tomorrow!


Naina said...

Sorry, you aren't feeling great.

I find a blended salad is a great way to energize myself in the morning. Lots of dark greens.
I am not fond of the taste. I don't add fruit to sweeten, as I want to save those calories for later. However, it is amazing how fast those nutrients get to work!
I drink it fast, like medicine. It really is good medicine!

Terrence said...

Very nice suggestion, thank you. If I am brave enough to try I will write about it!