Friday, March 5, 2010

Paying for Thursday

Yesterday I had my training session. I stretched out my back as much as possible. My trainer decided we would do legs for :30 minutes and then boxing for :30 minutes.

The thought of throwing punches for only half an hour as opposed to a full one sounded appealing.

I can barely walk today! We did some intensive leg work outs. First squats on a machine with weight added. I was concerned about my knee which was operated on 4 times in life, so we didn't do anything where the knee was in severe pain. We also did a lot of different types of leg-lifts which are much harder than they look. It's funny, with all this expensive equipment in the gym, trainers are constantly having their clients do exercises that can be done in the home! When my legs felt like rubber it was time to hit the mitts.

Throwing punches privately in a studio is one thing, but yesterday we did it upstairs in front of everyone working out. Talk about pressure! With some incredibly fit guys pumping iron just feet away I was gliding up and down the floor punching away 1,2,1,2,1,2. My only desire was for these steroid looking dudes not to laugh at me. It's a tight space, and I can see them watching me. If you are off target then when your glove hits the mitt it sounds like a kitten falling off a pillow. But when you hit it hard and square it makes a loud whack that amplifies your actual punching strength. This was motivation enough to hit as hard as I could even though I felt my lungs trying to break out of their ribcage!

Today, I as I ironed my lovely, and large, Henry Poole & Co. shirt I munched on a carrot and a few prunes. I could barely walk, stand, move, or even iron, and my hands feel like Brother Hinger was whacking them for an hour with a yard stick during Science class. Everything I did hurt. I was so sore and slow that I felt like I was moving under water the whole morning.

I like this feeling. It means I am getting healthier, stronger, and slimmer.


Anonymous said...

Nur wenn man dran glaubt..

Terrence said...

Dank...I think?

Vegan Epicurean said...

Sounds like a kitten falling off a pillow. What a great visual. I feel like I was there!

Love those workouts that have everything hurting the next day! ;)


Terrence said...

Thanks Alicia, but let it be said there were more sounds of a large dictionary falling on a linoleum floor than kittens!:)

Vegan Epicurean said...

LOL, but that goes without saying! ;-)