Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Wet Tuesday - nothing to report

This rain has really got me bummed.

Today was the usual breakfast, and then I went to Haru for lunch - edamame, miso, salad. Yeah, I know I am trying to cut back because of the high salt content in miso.

Tonight I made guacamole with two ripe avocados, onions, cayenne pepper, and tomatoes. Also added in left over salsa from the Candle Cafe quesadilla. I spread it on whole wheat tortillas that I toasted in the oven, and added some black beans from a can.

Had a blueberry, strawberry, and banana smoothie.

Something I read tonight, awful news, made me think about the smallest of changes can make a big change in your life for the better. Someone in their 20's decided to jump off the Empire State Building tonight. Besides being an incredibly selfish and deplorable act, nothing can be that catastrophic that it is worth ending your life. The smallest things can turn your life around. I think back to that first week in November. I did a tiny thing - I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but didn't eat any animal products. I didn't drink any alcohol. And I exercised for about 40 minutes on three different days. OK, compared to my life before it was significant, but in the grand scope of things, it was a TINY change, and minor adjustment. And on the 8th day I had lost 12 lbs, and felt totally motivated to continue this quest. The smallest things can change your life for the better.

I guess it really bums me out that someone in the prime of their life can be so desperate as to end it all. If the smallest gestures can alter your life for the better than that means that no matter how enormous your troubles are, alleviating them do not necessarily require equally enormous changes.

Sorry for the $.05, unsolicited advice, blame it on the rain.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

All this rain had me a little down too. But the sun is finally bright this morning here. It is making it easier to start my day.

Very sad about the kid that jumped. It is hard to imagine how anything could be that bad.

When I am feeling down I go out of my way to be nice to others (smiling at or saying good morning to strangers) and it seems to lift my spirits. Also it makes people wonder why you are so nice. ;-) Definitely an added benefit that it keeps people guessing. I agree with you that little things can make a big difference.

BTW, now I want a quesadilla for breakfast, darn you! ;-)