Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is it with me a Candy?

One of the exercises I do for my abdominals, actually, the only one I do, is taking a 12 lbs medicine ball and twisting back and forth touching the ball on the mat with each rotation while balancing on my tailbone. I touch each side 40 times, and then do 25 crunches. I do three sets of those. Time to mix it up. On Monday I did leg lifts, and then while lying on a decline bench, sitting up like a half sit-up I played catch with my trainer standing on my left, and then he stood on my right. That was Monday, and today I am still sore (in a good way). Basically, I got used to my abdominal work-out, and needed to mix it up. It is a good reminder that if you stop feeling it in your thighs after your daily 20 minute power walk, or if you are not as winded as you used to be on the treadmill, then its time to increase the time or resistance a little.

Yesterday I ate a big bowl of fruit, but I was hungry all late morning. I never feel that way when I have oatmeal for breakfast. Maybe, because of my vigorous work-outs I am getting hungrier.

Lunch was the same salad and legumes, but in the afternoon I was craving a sandwich, a full Italian hero sandwich! That subsided and then I craved something sweet. I walked out to get an orange and banana, but opted for a smoothie instead - it was far inferior to the ones I make. I was still dying for chocolate, though. I never had a sweet tooth before this vegan quest. I resisted and resisted. I walked outside. In front of me was a giant sign for the HBO series "The Pacific." There were Marines, 20 feet high storming the beaches of Guadalcanal. I thought of the real men who sacrificed so much. I stood there, how much these men sacrificed, and my soft self wanted a friggin candy bar? For shame. I turned around. Turned around again, walked across the street and bought a Peanut Chews candy bar. You spineless maggot! Here was my justification - it's vegan chocolate (so are Oreos!) and I will work out hard tomorrow. I slipped into the ESPN Zone to watching some sports while I gobbled this candy down in shame. How can I resist months and months of temptation for a cold beer after work, or chicken wings to watch a game, or a plate of sushi, but not resist eating a Peanut Chews candy bar?
It sat in my stomach all early evening. For dinner I had the small leftover salad from Chopt, and made a banana smoothie.

I watched episodes of Mad Men on my DVD and smoked a giant cigar.

Yes, not the healthiest thing, in fact, not healthy at all, but I enjoy smoking a cigar as my vice.


Vegan Epicurean said...

Not that I should admit this but I used to like a cigar when we were sailing myself. I have not one in years, but there is just something about them.

Great reminder on changing your exercise routine. It is very easy to get into a rut and forget to switch it up.

Loved your candy story. Things like that happen to all of us, or at least everyone I know. I made something sweet and reasonably healthy today. You might want to check it out. It may be something even a bachelor would consider whipping up.


Denise D'Agostino said...

Dried cherries (or any fruit for that matter) are like candy and very dark chocolate satisfies wonderfully!! Hey, at least they have nutrients and antioxidants, right?

Oh and I don't know if you've heard of this place before but Lula's Sweet Apothecary (6th st btw A & B) has vegan ice cream made from coconut, cashews or soy. My non vegan friends like it more than dairy ice cream. It's dreamy!

Terrence said...

VE - love your suggestion!

DD - I like yours too!


Anonymous said...

I appreciated your kairos. I had a strange day yesterday in which I ate -- after weeks with no sugar -- a whole bag of chocolate-covered toffee (that I'd bought for a friend who will now never receive it!), a bag of jordan almonds, a slice of cherry pie, and a swig of Coke. LORD knows what that was all about, but I'm hopeful that at least putting some more miles into my daily boke ride will offer some recompense to my body.

Best wishes to you for an excellent week's end.

ps: I had this thought that you might want to engage this gentleman Kelly Brownell in a spirit of exchange on the sugary drinks tax issue -- He probably would be interested in (and perhaps even inspired by) your quest, and y'all could probably have a thorough discussion on the topic of marketing foods.

He's clearly very affable and forthright, and I think he might be Irish!

Best, Tan -- A'vl/Chapel Hill