Monday, March 29, 2010

Old Films and Veggies from a Pub -- How Else to Spend a Weekend?

Over this weekend I saw a little known, exceptional film from 1973 that inexplicably got lost among the classics of the great movies from the 1970's: The Friend's of Eddie Coyle staring Robert Mitchum (And Peter Boyle - for you young folks, the father in Everyone Loves Raymond). It is a terrific film, and I've included a short scene (excuse the profanity) for a reason - how would you describe Robert Mitchum's physical build? Enjoy:

So in the film Robert Mitchum is described as a "heavy-set" old guy. Heavy-set? I mean he has a tiny beer-belly, but all-in-all, he has a physical build most 54 year old men would die for today. Amazing how what was considered "heavy-set" 37 years ago is now considered svelte!

The weekend was rather low-key. I made a trip to the grocery store Saturday and stocked up on vegetables, fruit, and frozen fruit. I just love my smoothies that I make! Had them all weekend long!

Part of the problem of living in Mid-town is the scarcity of markets. I mean there are some 24 hour delis on the next avenue, but spending $47 for a carton of soy milk is only for emergencies. So, Friday night I got back from a party - it was still early and I was hungry. I knew I had some left-over humus upstairs, and resisting the urge to dive into it with either chips or bread, I decided on vegetables. With no market "near by," which is New York speak for "not on my immediate block," I went to the pub. Inside the Pig 'n' Whistle I asked the manager for some vegetables. For a small fee I got a giant tin of broccoli, a giant tin of sliced carrots, and a giant tin of Irish soda bread which I essentially avoided. The broccoli and carrots and humus served me well Friday night. And no, the carrots were no bother on my stomach.

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