Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend of Domesticity

This weekend was a crazy one for me! I watched movies, and I bought an area rug, and, AND, a bath mat. Yes, sir, the swinging bachelor lives large in the big city! Actually, it was a gorgeous weekend, sunny and got up to 70. I am so looking forward to this Spring and Summer!
I was a bit lazy on the making of food relying on my Turkish and Japanese takeouts. I did make, however, my smoothie all weekend along. I am telling you - frozen blueberries, or strawberries, with a banana in a blender, maybe add some mango, or pineapple, and you have a brilliant, healthy drink. I actually got a smoothie today at a deli, and it is just not the same.

Oh, and the drinking thing - I've caught some flak for that, but, hey, I have no regrets and no urges...well, yesterday, I sort of was eyeing that cup of wine at mass, however.

I went to the New York Sports Club near my apartment on 51st and Lex - a marked improvement over the 41st St. location - it was quite large, and relatively clean. Had a pretty decent work-out, and when I lugged the 8'x10' rug across town on my shoulder and up fourth flights I was not nearly as winded as the old me would have been. Heck, in the old days I would pay one of the busboys at the Pig 'N' Whistle to give me a hand!

Last night I read in Men's Health magazine how the best proteins for building muscle are all animal products, and decidedly not plants. Additionally, this doctor quoted said that beans and legumes are not good for weight loss. This is the exact opposite of what Dr. Fuhrman says through his research. Again, my biggest issue with the entire category of nutrition is this lack of unanimity.

I expect differences of opinion over this giant Healthcare bill, I don't expect such radically divergent opinions over which foods are good for you!

I will reach out to Dr. Fuhrman for his thoughts!


Kris said...

Have you read Eat to Live? There's also a few DVDs by Dr. Fuhrman, The Best Diet on the Planet (or something like that), I and II. You might want to check those out, the case against meat is pretty convincing! Also, if you check out the online forum, you can find some bodybuilders to chat with.

Deborah W said...

I'm with Dr. Fuhrman, especially in this era of industrialized animal products. They used to be good for you (in reasonable quantity) but the animal products we eat today are decidedly different from what we ate in 50's. You've probably read "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and watched "Food, Inc." Some important "bottom lines" there!

Deborah at Fledgling Vegan

Terrence said...

Kris - Yes, I have read Eat to Live, and in fact, Dr. Fuhrman is my doctor! So, I have sent me a note asking questions about this particular doctor in the Men's Health interview.