Saturday, August 28, 2010

An Argument for Beer?

Here is an interesting article in London's Daily Mail that someone forwarded on to me:

“There’s no fat in beer and no cholesterol either, and it’s ridiculously low in calories and carbs,” he says. “Your spare tyre is probably due to all those pork scratchings you ate alongside your pint or even due to your breakfast orange juice which, health clubs please note, does contain fat.”


Carol said...

My husband is a real ale nut and would probably agree with this! Note two things though: beer still contains lots of calories and not all beers are equal.

Real ales of the hand pulled variety are 'live' ie the yeast etc is still active and so it could be a source of B12 and other vitamins (good for vegans). Other beers and lagers might be tasty but are really just empty calories.

So search out those hand pulled real ales and just have one or two and you're good to go ;)

Terrence said...

Excellent points Carol