Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday Training

What Our Work Outs "Don't" Look Like!
My Monday night training session was again pretty rough on my knees, but a killer work-out. The volleyball courts are being redone so we were unable to use the poles to set up the TRX equipment which is so much better for my cartilage-less knees. Again, my trainer Chris is sort of revolutionary by focusing on "movements" and not "exercise." Yet, so much of these movements I've done countless times in sports drills. We just worked every area of the body by doing the simplest drills and I was exhausted at the end of the hour - felt great! Hopefully, we will begin studio work and I can start to show video of my exercises and, hopefully, my progression.

Walking home I felt so much better about myself because my whole body ached, it was a beautiful evening, and walking through the park I was able to think how lucky I am to live here. Plus, I am more at peace and not marching through the city with a scowl like during the day. I am more relaxed and more courteous. Most importantly, I am starving for something incredibly healthy. This is where rewarding my body is something pure and healthy. I got vegetables and some salmon and edamame.

Staying on an eating schedule that is healthy and filling, and exercising regularly is when I feel my happiest, and I am most motivated to stay that way. It is always when I stray that I start to think of food and drink as exclusively pleasures - thus leading to some bad decisions - and not just fuel for the body. Also, when you eat healthfully day in and day out, that "pleasure" food once in a while is so much more special. When you reverse that and eat "pleasure" food day in and out it becomes addictive and you need more (and more decadent) food to feed your addiction.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Sorry your knees took a beating again. It feels so great to push yourself with exercise doesn't it? I love that feeling and not just that it is over, though I think that is part of it. ;-)

Exercise makes me crave healthy food too. Somehow it is harder mentally to ingest garbage when you are working out. I have been craving salad the last two days. Who craves salad?

Great post! I completely agree with you on "feast food" becoming addictive and not special. It is sad that so many Americans start their day with cake (muffins) and consider that healthy. *shakes head*

I hope you are having a happy and healthy Wednesday,