Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to Bonobo's...But Something is Missing

        President Arthur
Last week I went back to Bonobo's and the guy with the president Chester Arthur whiskers was cleanly shaved! I asked about it and he just said that he often changes his facial hair style. However, he did mention he read my first posting about Bonobo's on my blog, and said "thanks." So, of course I started to channel Woodward & Bernstein and asked if it was my story about his whiskers that prompted the major shave and he said, "Not at all." Hmmm, days after reading my post he is cleanly shaved? Sorry, I got carried away, this is a blog about going vegan for 6 months, and eating healthfully, not an investigative piece, nor a fashion blog!

So the vegetable nori rolls were fantastic as usual, but I also got the avocado soup which I did not realize was supposed to be cold. Also, there was not much to it taste-wise.

I still love sitting in the beautiful Madison Square Park and enjoying my healthy meal while I watch hot, impatient people stand in an enormous queue to eat their beloved Shake Shack greasy hamburger. Each time I eat there (3x) I see who the last person on line is waiting for their burger, and each time they have still not received their burger by the time I am finished with my vegetable nori roll and salad.

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Hmmmm, sounds like quite the coincidence to me too.

That must be some line at the Shake Shack. I can't imagine waiting that long for burgers. *rolls eyes*

hope you are having a good Thursday,