Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hamptons

Georgica Beach
Famous 18th Century E. Hampton Windmill
Friday afternoon was a half day and my friend was generous enough to invite me out to her beach house in East Hampton. Battling sporadic traffic on a gorgeous day heading out to the Hamptons was just perfect for me. Although, just as we entered West Hampton traffic was stopped on the Expressway for 15 minutes as we waited for an enormous motorcade to pass. I read the next day that it was the VP and Mrs. Biden vacationing at the home of some activist (who is obviously wealthy). The Hamptons really is a major political hub of fund raisers, etc. Perhaps in the not too distant future I will be sponsoring a fund raiser to get school kids eating healthier and exercising more! I think I could entertain in one of those giant mansions on the beach rather effortlessly, no? I wish!

Easy Hampton Estate
Obviously, on such a gorgeous day the number one food desire is firing up the BBQ. We went to the store where I stocked up on vegetables, as well as whole wheat tortilla, humus, etc. We then went to the fish store for some salmon, scallops, and shrimp.

Another East Hampton Beach House
I absolutely love grilling - and grilling healthy food. After marinating the scallops and salmon in Newman's Own Italian dressing, Old Bay seasoning, and a little beer (an old recipe from my fraternity) I put on skewers the scallops, shrimp, zucchini, onions, and squash. Grilled the salmon separately and used the rest of the shrimp for shrimp cocktail. For vegetable, sweet corn on the cob. It was fantastic!

I will say that it was even better the next morning when I grilled the rest of the vegetables for my famous vegan wraps (also adding leftover scallops and shrimp). Taking those wraps to the beach was a perfect, healthy, summer lunch. My friend said it was the best sandwich she has had in the last 10 years and vowed to get rich stealing my recipe.

Stephen's Talkhouse
The beach was spectacular. The difference between the Jersey Shore (except the gorgeous Spring Lake), as far as beach goers, compared to the Hamptons is similar to the difference between a New York Jets tailgate, and a polo match. Nary a tattoo, nor hair-jelled body builder strutted the tony neighborhood of the rich and famous. We settled at the exclusive beach Georgica where people like Steven Spielberg and John Bon Jovi often lay their towels. No spottings this weekend.

I went for a long walk down the beach to look at these enormous seaside mansions and to get my exercise in. I was overcome with energy cruising this Gold Coast and started running. Sure enough my knees were barking and I smartly pulled up, jumped into the cool ocean water and started swimming -- truly a great workout! No wonder swimming Olympian Michael Phelps needs something like 8 Billion calories a day!

Saturday night I met a buddy of mine at the famed Stephen's Talkhouse in Amagansett to watch the greatest band that never was, The Bogmen. Between Stephen's Talkhouse, and the Meeting House across the street, and the famous (infamous really) Cyril's on Montauk Highway, I ran into a large assortment of former colleagues, friends, friend's of friends, a waitress from P.J. Clarke's, and a couple of ex-girlfriends. All in all an adventuresome weekend!

I will say that my poorest move was ordering a mudslide at Cyril's...well, poorest for dietary purposes. The poorest move was ordering from the bartender before she asked me what I wanted - there is a very strict code at Cyril's on how to order a drink. The following day I actually poured out my beer at Cyril's. Cyril's is a seafood restaurant and outdoor bar where hundreds congregate in the gravel parking lot. Another friend was drinking a syrupy strawberry daiquiri and she dropped it accidentally covering my legs in sticky frozen drink. Well, I would never waste a beer in my old days, but today, I really don't have much use for it, so with the one beer I had at Cyril's I simply poured it over my legs to get rid of the sticky daiquiri much to the delight of my friends...sticky beer is less of a nuisance, and there was not a hose near by. Besides water was better for me.

The weekend in the Hamptons was terrific and I caught the last Hampton Jitney bus back Sunday night (driving back with my friend at 4 AM did not particularly interest me).

I really love picking up summer fruits and vegetables and yes, some fish, and having an absolute bang-up feast!


Vegan Epicurean said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad you had a good time. Loved the beer story. ;-)


Terrence said...

thanks. It wasnt a very good beer anyway