Monday, August 9, 2010

More of a Diary Entry than a Food/Vegan Blog!

Lexington Bar & Books
Friday night I had dinner at The Mermaid Inn in the Lower East Side. I was expecting more of a roll-up-your-sleeves New England joint, but it was very good and I decide to eat fish this evening having their clam chowder, and the salmon. Both delicious, but my taste buds are now hypersensitive so I will say the chowder was too salty and the salmon too oily. If I lined up 10 people who had the same dish, however, my guess is that only one or two would agree with that assessment. We ended up at Lexington Bar & Books where I thoroughly enjoyed my cigar...OK, cigars. The waitress was very proper and her diction and elocution were flawless. It was like she had an accent - actually we asked were she was from. Turns out, from Philly - just a classically trained Shakespearean actress. Refreshing to see such a proper woman at only 27 years old -- nice to see a young woman without a tramp stamp, using foul language, and jug of vodka in her hand as seen on TV! Although, I'm sure she was teased mercilessly growing up since she spoke that way always. It was a civilized evening that included gentlemanly behavior in a prime, proper, old school, jacket and tie, cigar in hand sort of way...I got lost in the ambience, the company, and the discussions about the curse of actually saying the "M" play, literature, poetry...jeez, I actually recited Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade" merely to impress my little audience. Oh, and yeah, well, on this night I really got caught up in it all and I did have some rye on the rocks. But I swore to myself that the Saturday and Sunday would be a life of clean was.

Saturday was healthy food choices, and the my cousin came into town. We ate at my regular Turkish restaurant Taksim- he loved the lentil soup - and then we went had a cigar. Even though it was only 11:30 (on a Sat. night, no less) I was tired, and there was no benefit in chasing fun so we headed home. We stopped into P.J. Clarke's to survey the crowd, and the bartender promptly poured me a water without asking. Nice.


Carol said...

'Tramp stamp' - I love it even if it is a teeny bit judgmental!

Terrence said...

well, it is a specific tattoo that is commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp" - the one that girls get on their lower back. Being that one of the mostpopular shows on TV is the decrepit "Jersey Shore" and "The Khardasians" I liked the breath of fresh air meeting a girl in her twenties that is proper and has class and dignity. Yeah, I guess I am judgemental, but...

Vegan Epicurean said...

Sounds like a good evening and the rye on the rocks seems appropriate to the surroundings.

I don't understand the whole tatoo thing either but we are of similar vintage. I love that you say what you really think! ;-) It is very refreshing.


Carol said...

Hey, we're all judgmental, just some of us are more honest about it than others, lol!

I hadn't heard it referred to as that before so it made me laugh. And I haven't seen either of those two TV shows you mentioned but the 'tramp stamp' is alive and well over here on this side of the pond too.

I think I am (just about!) of the generation that was brought up thinking that tattoos belong only on sailors and criminals :)