Monday, August 23, 2010

Slow Sunday...Except for the Emails

Tonight I was pretty hungry when I went to D'ags (D'Agastinos grocery store), always a no-no. But instead of doing my weekly shopping I decided to only buy what I was going to eat and drink for dinner: I bought a head of broccoli, humus, a bag of cherries, bananas and frozen fruit. That means I was in and out of the store quickly and as I played this delicious dinner (more of a giant snack actually) over in my head I did not have any cravings for non nutrient dense food that I passed in every aisle.

I know raw broccoli is tough for many people, but I love it dipped in some humus. Then I ate a bowl of cherries, and with the bananas and frozen fruit, and almond milk I made those delicious smoothies.

It was a rather slow Sunday and it rained most of the day. I got caught up on email and other writings, and I must say I was touched by all the emails I got from people just discovering the blog. The fact that my story was on the AOL home page resulted in over 7,600 people visiting My Vegan Quest today! So, thank you, welcome, and I hope you stick around! Not all posts are as dreadfully boring as this one!

I have got a busy week with plans for every night, so it will be a fun challenge making sure that I continue to stay faithful to my nutrient dense, mostly plant based diet all week!


Trina said...

Enjoyed reading your post here and the great overview on the AOL page. Congratulations!

Terrence said...

Thanks T!

Vegan Epicurean said...

Yay for a lack of unhealthy cravings!

Congralations on the 7600 hits. Pretty impressive for one day.

Sounds like my kind of dinner. Anything with hummus and veggies has my name written all over it. ;-)

Our Sunday was a bit of wash out as well. But at least it is a little cooler now.

Have a great Monday,

Terrence said...

Thanks Ali, final tally was 8,117!