Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday Musings

I just can't function without breakfast. It was 10 AM yesterday and I was starving - I needed my oatmeal and fruit! Eating breakfast without fail will always keep my appetite in check throughout the day!

Late in the day, though, I had a small handful of chocolate covered almonds because of a terrific sweet tooth - as my penance I decided to walk the twenty-odd blocks and three avenues over after work to meet a friend for cocktails (seltzer for me).

As I was swam upstream on 7th Avenue darting amongst the meandering, and ever-changing gate of mindless tourists my blood-pressure was rising so I escaped over to the throngs of regular commuters on 6th Avenue. Still the same number of people on the crowded sidewalks but locals know how to bob and weave through the crowds so there is more of a flowing, corralled-cattle, waltz, and brushing the shoulder of your fellow New Yorker is the most contact you'll have. However, in rushing through the crowds of tourists it is all chaos, fits and stops, and bumping smack into a gawking tourist in black socks and sandals, and who's belly is stretching his "I *Heart* NY" T-Shirt out over his fanny-pack is the norm. But, God love 'em they spend money in our city. And when we start offering more healthy restaurant options, starting in Times Square, those belly's will shrink!

My mobile rang as I whizzed past Radio City, it was the sweet Irish manager of the Pig 'n' Whistle who called to tell me that the chef, on his own, decided to make my vegetarian wrap the special of the day! It sold "fairly well," and "No" it was not named the Terry Wrap. My reiteration to name this healthy option and putting it on the permanent menu was met with a thick brogue, "Baby steps, Laddy." But, nice to know they gave it a try!

Club Macanudo, NYC
I met a girl friend up at Club Macanudo cigar bar, a great wood-paneled, leather couch, and shiny brass public club of A-type personalities, mostly men, smoking giant cigars and swapping stories as if they are in their own private tree house. My friend gulped down a couple of Chardonnays while I sipped my seltzer (at $5 it was a travesty!) and smoked a Cohiba to relax. It never fails, I always see a celebrity in these cigar bars - ever more popular since the Bloomberg smoking ban. So, as I sat on the tan leather couch telling my friend of the precise moment I decided to try this vegan quest I heard a distinctive voice sitting in the chair besides me.

Rudy Giuliani
As I looked to my right former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani was brushing past me. "Hey, Mr. Mayor." Giuliani was in a jovial mood, said hello to me, and we chatted for 1 1/2 seconds about a friend of his I used to work for. Throughout the next hour a parade of well-wishers came by to shake his hand, say thanks, get their picture taken, and give him free cigars.  You'd think it was 2002! In political terms, a cigar bar on the Upper East Side is what you'd call his "base." It is amazing to see the once very powerful, who used to travel with a phalanx of aids and security, loping into a cigar bar by himself, banging on his blackberry, and chatting with other patrons about NFL trivia  while waiting for his pal.

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern
Now, I know you might think that I embellish some things to make this blog entertaining, but, no, I swear to you I sometimes feel like Forrest Gump in this city - always finding myself in situations in which I bump into people in the news. One entertaining story seems appropriate, if not wildly off topic (apologies), now: when the smoking ban first went into effect I was at my typical perch at Pig 'n' Whistle slaughtering Guinness when the Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern, came in.  He was a frequent patron of this pub whenever the UN was in town. That week, as Bloomberg was engaged in his Pickett's Charge against smoking, former mayor Giuliani happened to be in County Cork dismissing the wisdom of the idea. So, knowing that Ireland was contemplating a similar ban, I summoned my rusted artistic skills and drew a political cartoon of Ol' Bertie as a boxing referee between the fighting Bloomberg and Giuliani.
Loyola Rugby with Bertie Ahern, Dublin

A year later, as a result of him remembering that cartoon, which he allegedly kept, I was able to schedule a meet and great with the Prime Minister and the visiting Loyola Marymount rugby team, my Alma Mater. When the university caught wind that this mere "club team" was visiting a foreign head of state, they foot the bill!

For dinner we decided to grab some Chinese at China Fun restaurant. I got the Chinese broccoli (much bigger stalks than regular broccoli with a head more like kale) and brown rice. I tried some of her Kung Po Chicken, but after a mouthful I felt decadent. That is a huge difference from the old me - one mouthful of Kung Po Chicken is good? Then 87 is better!

Now, I can taste some of my old favorite foods for enjoyment, and just a taste only for enjoyment, but not for nourishment -- save that for the great tasting healthy foods.  And yes, this broccoli was tasty!

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Vegan Epicurean said...

Great story and told so well I can almost picture you in the cigar bar with Rudy. ;-)

I didn't know you went to Loyola Marymount. My undergrad degree is from Loyola in MD. Now I understand the rugby connection since that isn't played at many schools. I had no idea what rugby was before my time at Loyola. :-p