Monday, August 23, 2010

Vegan in Vegas?

A friend just sent me a link to this story about Steve Wynn resorts in Las Vegas now serving vegan dishes:

The article states that a Harris Interactive survey taken last year found that 3.4 percent of Americans were vegetarian, while 0.8 percent said they were vegan. Although those are tiny numbers it is obviously a huge deal to have mega-mogul Steve Wynn add veganism to his successful hotels. It's significant and welcomed. One thing that I have learned from my vegan quest was that even though there are a ton of options, as far as restaurants go, in NYC, there are virtually no options for either vegan, or healthy meals at places like Yankee Stadium, and the old Giants Stadium. So, I think its great that a place like Vegas, which does not really scream healthy living, is offering a high-end vegetarian/vegan alternative.

Today I battled the rain down to the Union Square Farmer's Market which is a great place for farm fresh fruits and vegetables that are cheap. Being that Whole Foods is literally steps away it is good to see large veggies at half the price. Also, there were 1 lb cartons of blueberries for $4 -- that is twice the amount of frozen blueberries I bought for my smoothies, and 70% of the price. With cheap apples, and corn (3 for a $1), and other inexpensive fruits and vegetables it is a welcomed alternative to grocery stores. It is actually refreshing to see vegetables like carrots and squash that look different from each other and not all picture perfect as you see in the grocery store because I think that might be because of some creative engineering. Also, at the market the stalls selling chicken they have large blown-up photos of their free range chickens walking around to prove that they are not the chemically altered ones at those massive industrial farms.

I went down there for lunch, and I must say, the more I eat the vegan wrap at the Coffee Shop down there, the more I know mine is so much better!
Maybe I should open up my own shop!


Vegan Epicurean said...

That is great news about vegan dishes in Vegas I would have expected them to be tough to come by. Thanks so much for sharing the info.

I am so jealous of your Union Square market. Not all cities are as fortunate when it comes to local produce options. Ours is only open on Sunday so I load up then. Enjoy your market enough for both of us please. ;-)


Terrence said...

Thanks Ali! Shame there isnt a farmers market open all week near everyone.

LOLA said...

Everyone from Las vegas is a Vegan, that's what they call themselves anyway, Las Vegans!! Mario Batali has a farmers Market on Thursdays, it is supposed to be great.

Terrence said...

Good to kkow Lola