Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Thursday I drove down to Philadelphia for my cousin's wedding. As our far flung family gathered at the hotel in Conshohocken throughout the day and night it was a great rolling reunion. My parents thought I looked great, as did my brother...who looks more pregnant than his wife incidentally. I think he is now sporting a beard to draw attention away from his once svelte, and now swollen, mid-section. But he could not hold a candle to me at my worst when I tipped the scales at 302 lbs! He is like me and will just decide to reverse the trend and focus on losing weight again just like my older brother did recently.

You know, I have a photo on my refrigerator of my High School graduation, and looking at myself and my two brothers we were all terrifically fit and slim. Then each one of us maxed out at some point and needed to recapture that once athletic body. (Even my Mom has gotten into the act as she told me tales of her new favorite hobby - Zumba! The hot new exercise dance class craze). I think my maxing-out on weight after a young life of living slim is similar to many American adults -- as the active lifestyle slows down the intake of processed, addictive, horribly unhealthy food and drink increases. Well, guess what, just like my training team in Central Park which focuses on movements and exercises that we grew up with on sports teams or P.E. classes, we are now trying to eat healthfully, not by following some new-fangled fad diet, but, by eating what we grew up with - fruits and vegetables! You see, Mom was right all along! If I had a nickel for every time I heard this in our house growing up, "Mom, I'm hungry." "Have an apple!" Or the ever popular, "Mom, I'm bored." "Go play outside!" If America's current parents replicated this age-old dialogue we would not be besieged by this growing epidemic of childhood obesity.

One thing that was not easily navigable this past weekend was drinking - it was a wedding/family reunion after all! But the good thing is that each morning I had my oatmeal and fruit and plenty of water. I also visited the gym in the Marriott to stay on my exercise schedule. I made the time pure and simple. Often, we don't "have time" for things we should be doing, but in reality, we have plenty of time. When I do nothing, the day zips by. When I do activities there constantly seems like there is more time in the day. It is true that "time waits for no man." It is also true that time actually speeds up when you live a sedentary lifestyle.

The wedding was your typical Italian/German/Irish affair with plenty of food and booze and dancing. The reception was at a beautiful golf course and during the cocktail hour I chose not to really drink or eat - partly because I was so nervous for my speech (the first few sentences were to be spoken in Italian). I heard someone behind me get the vegetarian plate (I should have called ahead, but did not want to be a pest!). The crab on steak dish was very good, but I would rather have had the vegetarian dish.

It was a fantastic time being with family, my cousin looked beautiful, and you really can't ask for anything more - family and fun (and mostly healthy eating).


Timmy Lavin said...

Greetings fans of Terry's blog; this is his pregnant brother speaking. While it is true I have allowed some of my old baby fat to reconnect with me, it is centered in my belly and I am doing it so my wife does not feel so big, now in her 6th month of pregnantcy. I am thoughtful that way.
I could easily lose this belly fat and not only surpass "Mr. Vegan Terry" but beat him to 225 lbs. He is currently more than 15 lbs lighter than me (for the first time in history). I could lose 15 plus, pass him, and beat him to 225 lbs, but I am afraid of hurting his feelings.... What say you fans?

Terrence said...

I hear *crickets*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success.

In my experience as a vegetarian, I have learned it is always better to ask for a meatless choice than to endure by eating food not of your choice or not eating at all.

Even with the late realization that you had not preordered at this recent wedding. Ask. Most caterers and reputuable kitchens interested in the hapiness of their clientele are prepared for this kind of contingency.

And... as I have found out... finding the right person in the kichen is a boon. Many, many food workers come to this line of work because they themselves rely on a special diet of some kind. Meeting the challenge of feeding everyone what they want is part of the reason why they cook.

I am in the early stages of a new eating plan. The immediate goal is to stay on the regimen for life. Better health and weight loss will be happy by-products. However, I know I am 100 lbs. over what I want to weigh. Have thrown away my scale. Don't want to watch numbers like a nervous Wall Streeter. I can see the difference. I can feel the differnce. And a new ease at buttoning clothes from the back of my closet tells me things are working out. I will know when it is time to go face to face with a scale.

Keep up with your quest. I will with mine.

Terrence said...

Thanks so much Anon!

Congrats on your endeavor as well - I am sure you will achieve your goal!

Great insight into pre-ordering or talking tot he kitchen about a healthier choice. I even did that yesterday at my local Irish pub to terrific results!

Susan said...

I found your inspiring blog and plan on checking in for the humor, interesting daily snapshots, and compelling "kick in the pants" to continue the fitness journey I started this past May. I put on considerable weight from thyroid disease but with the help of a trainer and an online program am already 55 lbs down. I am resolute in regaining my former size 6 self and I can't believe how much better I feel. I'm lucky, like you, I have a wonderful network of friends and family who cheer me on in this quest for health and fitness. Good luck to you and thanks for sharing so many delightful facets of your "project".

Terrence said...

Susan - Congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome! Thanks so much for the encouragement and words!