Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Former Athletes in the Mist

After months of oppressive heat and humidity, tonight was a welcomed change to have a cool mist in the 69 degree air as I rode my bike to Central Park. The clouds looked ominous, and like most humans a small part of me secretly wanted the sky to open so a downpour would cancel our Monday night training. But a larger piece of me looked forward to the class. I love that gun-metal blue/gray sky, like a 6 year old swirled his paint brush around and around in gobs of blue, white, and black paint. It's the color of a wet dusk void of all reds and orange and yellows. It's the color of the start of football season on the East Coast.

With rain threatening, the class was half the normal size, but we wasted no time with the training. The ground was wet and the rain was really just spittle, like someone with a spray bottle was standing 4 feet away and squirting you. In addition to our "old school," but terrifically effective exercises, we ran the slick steps at Bethesda Fountain, and of course plenty of work on the TRX which I am feeling as I type this. A big part of this class, especially for former athletes, is de-programming much of what you learned about physical training during your playing days. It is not some new revolutionary exercise regime, for I already discussed the many basic, old school movements we do. Rather it is about proper from and function that concentrates on how the body actually works - that is pretty revolutionary. These training sessions really are remarkable and I always get an intense workout that sort of sneaks up on you. Check out his website: http://www.movementfirst.com/Movement_First/Welcome.html
Afterwards I rushed home to shower so I could meet my friend up at Candle Cafe where we had an excellent meal - more on that later, I need my rest.

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