Friday, April 2, 2010

Adjusting My Swing

Today I played golf.

I was eager to see how I would swing a club now that I was no longer resembling President Taft.

My game will surely get better, but I had become so accustomed to swinging the golf club with all that extra weight that my swing with 50+ lbs less fat was awful. I played poorly, but that just means that my game will get much better as I relearn to swing a club with a normal body structure.

We got to the course around 8 AM and had breakfast in this very old club house. I had the lumpiest oatmeal not seen since Oliver Twist, but it was fine. My buddy had an egg and cheese and bacon sandwich, then after his hot dog after the 9th hole this fellow Catholic felt quite guilty inhaling all that meat on Friday, Good Friday no less!

I last played this course in Paramus, New Jersey exactly a year ago, and my friend reminded me how we tackled the 19th hole with reckless abandon back then, and the stories made me fell embarrassed and ashamed for a moment (the next morning I had called the Port Authority and New Jersey Transit in a panic since I left my clubs on the bus I took back into the city...until my friend reminded me that I left them at his house after our raucous time in the club house - I had forgotten) but, you can't change the past, and I am choosing the celebrate the present and look forward to the future. These little mea culpa's in front of hundreds of strangers, no matter how embarrassing, about my past is part of being honest about the poor food and drink choices I made before to clearly delineate from my life now. Completely changing one's lifestyle is serious business.

I hope everyone has a great Easter, and weekend.


Vegan Epicurean said...

I love your story about the clubs. I have had those moments myself. But am not as brave as you are to share them so openly. Thanks for making me remember some of the less stellar moments of my life (in a good way). ;-)

Happy Easter to you too!

Terrence said...

Brave, or crazy. Thanks!