Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Know, I Know!

A day after my big dinner and with 4 days left in the vegan quest I go dark?

Sorry, I have been busy all day today and this evening so I have been unable to blog, and now it’s after Midnight, so you will have to wait some more unfortunately.

But, some quick highlights:

* Saturday I went to the golf driving range at 8:30 AM with a buddy and hit 200 golf balls. Then I walked home with my much too heavy bag for about 2 miles. I actually felt it quick significantly -- torso was sore, as well as my legs.

* Sunday I cooked very good lasagna, and my guests thought it tasted good. I realized that I need to factor in "prep time" before I throw a dinner party that requires a meal to cook for an hour; however, I have more to say on my dinner party in my next blog.

* Monday I got my latest blood work results that I will be sharing with Dr. Fuhrman tomorrow. I will wait until I blog about my final visit with the good doctor to share the results. Needless to say I am ecstatic with the results.

Be patient!


terrin said...

I only recently found your blog and want to say congratulations!! As a fellow new yorker vegan I really admire your determintation in this city of temptation.... That said I hope you have discovered the salad bar at whole foods, take out from pump energy food, and restaurants gobo, angelicas kitchen, and hangawi- if not pls look them up immediatly! Regardless of your future dietary choices I encourage you to remeber how amazing your body feels meat-free! From what I can tell your breakfasts could use a protein kick to keep you going, maybe pb in your oatmeal, or a protein powder in a smoothie? I worked with a nutritionist to get me out of a rut a while back and her "rule" for me was three food groups at meals and two for snacks- ie carb/fat/protein at meals, and protein/fruit snack, (veggies are a freebie) anyways, think about it- and congratulations on how far you have come!!

Terrence said...

Thank you Terrin! Funny, I was just at Dr. Fuhrman today and he suggested the Whole Foods salad bar. Great suggestions about mixing up my daily routine.