Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st Entry

Well, today, April 1, my friend Sidd Finch convinced me to stop this vegan quest, so I did. With a month left, I decided to quit today, April 1st.


DarrellW said...

Oh, you bad man! In my astonishment and disappointment I was searching my memory of your many last posts to see where I had gone wrong in reading your character when, after a minute or two, the light bulb flashed.

You may now take a small moment of satisfaction that you properly delivered a dandy "April Fools" to at least one of your readers.

You may have brought not a few of us to tears as we are running the race with you, but with a rueful smile we go forward better armed for the day against the onslaught of April Fools we will encounter. And with a lighter spirit face our own nutritional challenges.


Terrence said...

Glad you enjoyed it Darrell.

I am most certainly not a quiter, and with a mere month to go in this immediate quest how can I ever contemplate stopping? I always wondered about people who were just a "few credits shy" of a college degree.

A little April Fools joke today to make sure you were all paying attention!

Anonymous said...

Say hello to Sidd for me. Is he still playing baseball?

Sidd is a yogi so I would have expected that he would be sympathetic to a vegan diet.


Terrence said...

Yes, but he lost some control on his fast ball -- and yes, he is a yogi. Some things just cant be explained, even on April 1st.

kj said...

Another reader you had going! I was shouting, "nooooooooo, with a MONTH to go!" in my head when I read that post, and only after reading the comments did it dawn on me.

Call me Gullible.

Denise D'Agostino said...

these pictures are hilarious. They really look like you fell hard hhahahaha