Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 165

Breakfast and lunch were fine.

Had a call with a client and friend today and she seems very eager to start veganism because of my blog. It is so surprising, and feels amazing that other people derive inspiration from things you write about.

I had a check-up today with my regular doctor - on his scale I weighed in at 250 lbs. He said that was still too heavy. At first I was surprised, and mentioned my 50 lbs weight loss - he was very complimentary. My blood work will be discussed with Dr. Fuhrman in a couple of weeks. While in the doctor's office I picked up the April Men's Health and found an interesting article on 37 year old NBA star (and Duke alum) Grant Hill. The article starts with him saying that back in his rookie year in '94 his pregame meal was always picking one of the fast food restaurants on all four corners of an intersection. It is incredible that these finely tuned athletes would eat so poorly! But the reason why he has continued to play in such an advanced age and stayed injury free is because of his new diet of mostly vegetables and fruit, and no processed foods. He also has miso soup every day!

This morning I could not get up - I just could not get out of bed. Maybe it was a sugar coma. Anyway, I got to the gym after work and put in a solid hour of weights with the arms and chest, abs, and cardio for 30 minutes.

For dinner I went over to P.J. Clarke’s and had the Third Ave. Chopped salad (double order) as well as a side of grilled brussel sprouts – I can’t believe how much I enjoy them!

As I sat down tonight to write I looked at the remaining tiny handful of jelly beans I had left. I will leave it up to you to guess what I did.

You know, while at Clarke’s I would watch seemingly fit people order cheeseburgers and deep friend shoe-string onion rings. It’s like when I go to a state that still allows smoking in bars and it looks so shocking to watch people light up inside. Watching people eat this incredibly unhealthy food makes me shake my head. However, I am very much the libertarian and would never tell someone that they shouldn’t eat so poorly, or smoke, or any other legal, but unhealthy habit.

It is bizarre that I now can’t even imagine eating so poorly!


Vegan Epicurean said...

Good for you inspiring someone else to give veganism a try! Keep up the good work. ;-)

I understand watching others eat unhealthy food and not being about to process the information. The same thing happens to me. I often say I am like a former smoker. Sounds as though I am in good company.


Naina said...

I say, you tossed those jelly beans in the trash! ;)

I am thankful for the comments of your readers.

I too see others eating poorly, and feel a little sad for them. The ones that appear healthy, I console myself that they are just having a bad day, on their otherwise healthy lifestyle. :)

Amanda said...

Way to go on your day. I think you might be too hard on yourself when you have a slip. What's more amazing is that you've completely reconditioned your mind to recognize good food and a healthy lifestyle. How many times did you go to PJ Clarke's and have that same meal in your lifetime without thinking twice? How many times did I go out with my friends for pizza and beer over the years and think to myself, "No biggie. I'll just run more tomorrow."?

You might slip and have some jellybeans every once in awhile (although I'm convinced you threw out the last few last night--oh ye of big faith). BUT you must be incredibly close to the 90% rule that Dr. Fuhrman touts from what you chronicle on the blog.

Only 15 days left. Nutrarianism is the newer, cooler elitism. :)

Terrence said...

Thank you VE, N, and A!

All I can say is that I lived a decade of eating whatever I pleased and saying to myself, "tomorrow I will work out hard, next week I will work out hard, next month I will work out hard, for Lent I will wiork out hard..." And there was always a day or two of divine inspiration followed by more days of gluttony.

As far as watching people eat unhealthfully I am very staunch in that it is none of my business, unless it is my own kid. In fact one of my best friend's 6 year old daughter had to have massive surgery, and because of her ailment she is quite skinny. She needs as many calories as possible, and McDonalds is often the choice. Are there healthy choices for calories? Of course! Will she eat them? No. So, this adorbale little girl eats McDonalds a few times per week, and she is still on the too thin side. When she gets older her parents will make sure she gets the healthiest option, but for now, pack on the pounds and let the kid enjoy eating. So we never know the reason, or how often someone is eating poorly, so its not our business. I find it so interesting that I even notice that, and I notice it all the time. Today I saw a girl, about 6, who appeared quite chubby, and that is just sinful. No little child should be overweight, that is inexcuseable, because they will most likely grow into obese adults.

Terrence said...

Regarding the jelly beans....I can thing of 4 occassions when I threw out some unhealthy candy that I bought on impulse.

Last night I had trouble walking and lifting my arms I worked out so hard.

I ate the was less than a small handful. I cannot lie.

But, did I mention how vigorously I have been excuse, but it was like a pacifier to a big baby.

Naina said...

Hehee :D haaha....! You make me laugh!

I finished off my bag of salty baked chips last night. :)
I totally understand!
I did tell myself that I will not be purchasing more, anytime in the near future.
Oh, and I worked out hard yesterday too.........Now, it's all better. :D