Monday, April 19, 2010

So, My Previous Week's Results

I mentioned that I would take the prior week and devote myself to a very rigorous adherence to Eat to Live and see the results.

Well, my adherence was tepid at times because I would be tired,and rely on foods that I enjoy that are not fully nutrient dense such as vegetable sushi rolls with white rice, and falafel wraps which are fried. My workouts totaled 2 1/2 days, and as a result I lost but three pounds -- currently, I am down to 245 lbs, exactly 20 lbs to go to my 11 days! Well, it is not going to happen, but to date I have lost 57 3/4 lbs. And being that my original goal was to lose 60 lbs I will be happy with that, and I will indeed reach my total goal of 75 lbs (maybe more?) by the end of May, no problem!

Tonight I had raw broccoli, string beans, and a carrot dipping it in humus, and a tomato and herb mix from my Turkish restaurant. And I made a giant cheery and blueberry and banana smoothie.

So, in regards to what I will eat, and how I will live my life when this 6 month quest is up, all I can say is that my weekly diet from now on will be mostly plant based, hands down. I am very curious to see what my desires are on May 1, and when I try meat, how will it taste? It is all pretty exciting stuff because I know I am changing my life, and I am very curious to see what form that will take. Some have said that maybe I will continue my veganism, honestly, I don't know.

But, as a result I will be continuing this blog, especially since I am going on a golf vacation to Ireland arriving May 1st! I am sure I will have lots to talk about!


Sheila said...

I really understand the challenge to stay with the Eat to Live way instead of just "eating vegan". I know that I FEEL much better of course when eating nutrient dense foods, but I seem to find easy excuses to slip. One thing that has really helped is putting leafy greens in my smoothies. Since you enjoy smoothies, this might be a way to include more greens. I make a big pitcher each morning. I drink a tall glass and then pour the rest in smaller jars for taking to work. They actually keep pretty well, even to the next day!

Vegan Epicurean said...

I have to second whay Sheila wrote. I find it much easier to stay vegan. When we tried the 90/10 it didn't work for us. The 10% continued to creep up.

Can't wait to read how things go for you after May 1. I feel certain you will reach your new 75 pound goal.


Terrence said...

Great advice both - thank you. I have resisted the greens in the smoothie for pyschological reasons. I have tasted them, and they are great, and I know it is an easier way to get my protein and other nutrients, but I cant bring myself to putting begetables with fruit in the blender - I keep thinking about that old Saturday Night Live commercial spoof with Dan Ackroyd, the "Bass-o-matic!"

Terrence said...

However, I am very curious as to where my diet comes down to - 90/10? 80/20? 100%? We shall see!

Trina said...

It's inspiring to read the changed attitude you've adopted after nearly six months on your vegan diet. You should be really proud of the changes you've maintained! As you move on to your post-quest life consider these ideas:

1. Cook meals rather than relying on restaurant food. I think you would be amazed at how many calories are in some of your vegan meals.
2. Add more protein. I'm not saying you need meat but more protein sources. It improves satiety which can help with your weight loss goals.
3. Eat a bigger breakfast. Reading your blog I think you are not getting enough each morning. Breakfast eaters tend to snack and eat less later in the day.
4. Measure portion sizes. This is the biggest idea and relates to all the earlier ideas. It's easier to measure foods at home rather than bringing measuring cups to a restaurant and far less embarrassing to your dinner companions. You'll see you can add more protein-rich foods when you measure your current intake and find you can consume more foods at breakfast.


Terrence said...

Trina - thanks so much and thank you for your advice! I greatly appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terrence, how are you planning to approach your final week? It would be good to see you really try to go for broke in the last few days with the nutrient dense food and loads of exercise. I believe that was your plan last week but it didn't quite materialise as you'd hoped...?

One of the things I have enjoyed about your blog is the strength of your resolve. I think it would be a real anti-climax now if your last few days saw you saying 'Well, it's going to take me a while longer to reach my weight-loss goal, and I've done really well, so I won't beat myself up about it this week'. I want to see a sprint to the finish! OK, so you won't lose 20lb by the end of the month, but I would be interested to see how much a human can lose when they eat nutrient-dense food AND do copious amounts of exercise for 10 days.

I want blood, sweat and tears. I want daily blog entries about how you're aching all over but are SO determined to squeeze in as much muscle-ache as possible before the end whistle that you're heading back to the gym at 7am anyway. Gimme gimme gimme! Don't end a great blog on a lame limp to the finish. Run, Terrence, run!

Gwyneth said...

Even I put a handful of spinach in my really can't taste it and it isn't green so, GO FOR IT! I put in my kids smoothies as well, (They have no idea..shh) I also throw in some whey protein to sustain them through the morning..but I know you cannot do that can however throw in some nuts. You may have to purchase a better blender, I blew out a couple of mine over the years...although that may have been from the margaritas ;o) I recommend the vitamix 5200, you can even make soup in it. its pricey, but well worth it.

I think the that anonymous post was actually Jillian from the biggest loser...but I agree with them, LAST CHANCE WORKOUT BABY. Maybe I will send you my workout and see if you can keep up ;o)

Off to make a smoothie, I am so easily swayed.

Love ya!

Should I call you Terrence?

Terrence said...

Ahhh, Anonymous, I love your comments! The ghosts of Knute Rockne, and Woody Hayes, and Billy Martin have possessed you. Love it. Not to worry, I am going at these last 11 days like a sprint, a blood, sweat and tears sprint! Thank for the comments! Watch the ride!

Vegan Epicurean said...

I am with Mo on the Vitamix. I couldn't exist without mine. It makes fast healthy food SO easy.


Terrence said...

Thanks Mo!

Terrence said...

Thanks ladies, I will have to rethink my Waring Pro 200!

Sheila said...

Hah! LOL! Bass-o-matic! I can relate! One of my co-workers says my green smoothie looks like something from the show "Fear Factor"! It IS good though, and whenever I convince a skeptic to try it, they all say it tastes like a regular fruit smoothie.