Thursday, April 29, 2010

T Minus Two Days

There are two days left in my current vegan quest, and I am not really looking at this as the end of some challenge, rather the beginning of a new lifestyle. I am hovering around the 244b mark, 19 lbs off my goal, but still 58 lbs lighter than I was on Nov. 1st. I have lots to say about this quest, but I will save it for the next couple of days. After my dinner of vegetable soup and a terrific salad of mixed lettuce, chickpeas, broccoli, snow peas, avocado, kidney beans, black beans, tomatoes, walnuts and sunflower seeds - no dressing - I went down to PJ Clarke's to visit friends. Remembering a photo from last Fall I decided to take another photo for a before/after comparison.


sarah said...

Dear Terrance, I am very sad that you are reaching the end of your challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates and you are definately an inspiration to me. While I'm actually quite slim, I have recently turned vegetarian and I have never felt or looked in better health. Your transformation has been amazing to say the least. You look so much younger and sexier now!! So I think you should carry on with your blog.... just for fun if nothing else and let us know how the next 6 months unfold. Regards Sarah from South Africa

Vegan Epicurean said...

Wow! I am so impressed by what you have accomplished in such a short time. You look so much younger! Keep up the great work.

BTW, if you have time stop by and check out the deconstructed sushi salad I made last night. My hubby loved it, and it uses a miso dressing so I thought you might like it to. We all know now that you like miso. ;-)

hope you have a great day, and congratulations again,

Terrence said...

Thank you Sarah from SA! I really appreciate it! But never fear, I will be continuing this blog through the weeks and months! I leave for Ireland tomorrow for a golf vacation and that will be the most interesting part of this new lifestyle!

Good luck with the World Cup. Terry

Terrence said...

Alicia - thanks so very much! You are one of my most ardent supporters and I greatly appreciate it! By the way your vegetable sushi salad looks and sound delicious!

Vegan Epicurean said...

I am so thrilled with your progress! I sent your blog link to a good male friend of mine this morning. Since I haven't convinced him to try E2L I am hoping you can give him that nudge he needs. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy your golf vacation!

Thanks for your kind words on the salad. I thought it was something you might make. ;-)

have a safe trip,

Naina said...

I think you should keep those before pics posted around your apartment. :) Especially on your bathroom mirror, and the fridge!
That should keep you smiling, and motivated daily.

You look so much younger! I am happy for you. :)

Terrence said...

great idea!