Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 Weeks Left

That sounds so bizarre to me!

Three weeks? I have three weeks to go to accomplish one of my goals? Honestly, it has gone by so quickly as I reread my posting when I was only three weeks in! For you faithful readers it was the night I went to the Devo concert and watched relatives and friends scrounge for slices of pizza to settle their booze bloated bellies at 4 AM. And I thought to myself, "I like this new me," shunning all temptation.

Well, the other goal - to lose 75 lbs total will not be achieved within the remaining 3 weeks. Yet, I will probably only be between 10-15 lbs off that mark. No matter, I am going to achieve that weight goal even if it extends past the May 1 deadline.
The constant question is obviously how will I continue to eat. Stay tuned!

Today I had a plate of pineapple, strawberries and red grapes. For lunch I piled up my salad but chose not to include my typical giant scoop of humus. I added an extra helping of sunflower seeds and peanuts to my vegetables hoping to stem my sluggishness.

Tonight I made a blueberries, and banana smoothie, and dug into some leftover humus with some broccoli, zucchini - I was full...and happy watching the Yankees beat the Red Sox!


Vegan Epicurean said...

That is seriously impressive that you will be that close to your weight goal in just 6 months. Way to go!

Did you feel any better today with the seeds and nuts?


Terrence said...

Thanks Alicia. I don't remember feeling sluggish, so maybe it did work.

garden said...

Regarding weight loss, the single best technique to keeping faithful to a weight loss regimen that I employ is writing down everything I eat each day and the number of calories next to each entry. I think twice before I put something in my mouth. Is it worth it? Also, I record workouts and estimate the calories burned. It inspires me to get that workout in, no matter how badly I procrastinate.