Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing Pause

I have not had time to write much this weekend. Currently, I am preparing a vegan lasagna for my meat-eating mates. 4 friends of mine are coming over my apartment tonight to taste my cooking, not just any cooking, but vegan cooking!

The main course is LASAGNA. Now, I have never, ever even attempted making lasagna in my life, much less a vegan one! I found the recipie in the great book The Engine 2 Diet:

I am modifying it to include some of the VBites "meat" crumbles and "cheese."

Will be filming the evening, so will let you all know how it goes!


hebba said...

I highly recommend straight veggie lasagna! Always disappears when I make it while the meat lasagna stands untouched.

Vegan Epicurean said...

Good luck with your lasagna. Enjoy your evening.


Naina said...

I hope your Lasagna is delicious!
I haven't been on-line this week. I'll have to go back, and catch up on older posts.

garden said...

Quite daring to try a new recipe the night of a dinner party. Kinda like renting golf clubs you've never seen for a tournament. Whadya use for blobs of melted cheese?