Friday, April 2, 2010

Of Course I am Not Quitting

Just a little April Fool's tease.

However, I must say that being in the home stretch has made it that much harder for me to eat a completely nutrient dense diet! Obviously, veganism is no sweat, but staying true to Dr. Fuhrman's playbook to squeeze every last ounce out of me before May 1 is proving difficult.

Case in point: this morning I did not go for breakfast until 10:30 or 11:00. By then the cafe was preparing for lunch so there was no fruit, and no oatmeal. I went to Green Symphony on 43rd Street next to the old New York Times building and across the street from where once stood one of the greatest bars in NYC, a dusty place called Gough's - the bar, and the building are long gone, but my memories are still fresh. I learned how to drink at Gough's back in 1993-94, and how to be a New Yorker by the men behind the stick who first started bartending there in 1947. I think of that place every time I walk by and I dream of my "good old days" until I remind myself that that was when I first started to eat and drink without a care in the world to its healthiness. The memories may be rose-colored, but the actions were like toiling in the minor leagues before my eventual big league heart disease.

So, I had their oatmeal and then right at the counter was "Homemade Vegan Pecan Pie." First, I used to love pecan pie. Second, its vegan. Third, It's calling my name. Fourth, it's a sugary snack that should not be crossing my lips! I ignored number four. Oatmeal, and a vegan pecan square...for breakfast!

For lunch I stopped by this hip place with lots of buzz, The Breslin. It is a very cool, rustic looking bar and restaurant, and the New York Times said in their review: Nowhere in New York right now is the fetish for pork fat and dairy flavor more on display. Sounds like a great place for me, huh?

I chose lunch at the work cafe - the same salad and legumes. Ate late, so was not hungry - having only smoothie for dinner. My buddy and I went to a cool little Austrian-Scottish party with good whiskey and bratwurst. I love the temptation! We then met other pals at a notorious "cougar" bar , TBar, and sipped my seltzer while my good friends swam deeper into intoxicated bliss.
The first day of my last month of the vegan quest was OK, not as disciplined as I hoped. Also, felt pretty tired today, but no reason why I should.

C'mon on final month, temp me more!

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