Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Fishy Friday

An overzealous cook is ruining my vegan wrap!

Friday afternoon I lunched at the Coffee Shop and the vegan wrap was "off "- some cook thought adding a healthy dose of pesto would liven up the wrap. It made it soggy and over-powered the delicate flavors of fresh squash, zucchini, tomato, avocado, and tofu. It's interesting, my whole life I loved food more that was awash in sauce. To me it added flavor. Now, I love the pure taste of food as food with only the lightest brush of sauce, max.

Friday evening went to see the movie "Hot Tub Time Machine." It was a weak film, but being that they travel back to 1986, the year that I graduated from High School, I was curious for a few nostalgic laughs. And there were a few very funny scenes.

After the film I ended up at Merchants downstairs at the cigar bar. Actually that particular movie theatre I went to and Merchants were the sites of the beginning of the famous Hand Model story from 4 years ago. But, that's another tale for another blog.

Anyway, for dinner I went to a Sushi restaurant up the street on 1st Avenue, and I could not stop thinking about what I would change if I were to go back to 1986 and start adult life all over again. The classic thing, the honorable thing, to say is that I would not change a thing, but I would be lying. What if I chose not to go to military school my Freshman year? What if I never moved from the West Coast to the East? I was transfixed as my early adulthood played like a film over and over in my mind.

So, then, the lady at the restaurant dropped a little bombshell on me that night. Turns out that most miso soup served in Japanese restaurants use a Bonito fish base! I think of all the times I asked restaurants if their vegetable soup uses chicken stock or vegetable stock, and carefully avoid the chicken stock to stay true to this vegan quest of mine, and my favorite soup had fish stock in it all along!  I am sure the old joke from W.C. Fields would come in handy about now.

Well, I don't feel guilty, obviously, I didn't know, and in the end, the real key to healthy living is eating a majority plant-based diet.


Anonymous said...


I've also been biting my tongue, or should I say taming my fingers... but jelly beans are not vegan! Jelly Bean are made with gelatin. Gelatin: made from boiled animal bones and tendons.

Jelly Belly's come close...because there are no animal or animal-derived products (including gelatin) in Jelly Belly jellybeans,
but vegans may want to avoid them because they are coated in a mixture that contains beeswax, to give the beans their glossiness.

On a positive note: Rick had beers with Mangus the other night and said you've lost a ga-zillion pounds & you look goooooood! Oh yeah! I think he saw your extra interview.


Terrence said...

Thanks D!

Well, I only ate Jelly Belly's. But, no more! Well, at least no more for a long time!

I have not lost a gazillion - only 54 lbs, and still working on it! But, thank you!

Being that Rick an Mango were two of my three roommates the year of my goal weight, can I expect them both to weigh in at their respective 1990 weight as well?

Anonymous said...

not all miso soups (or other japanese soups) use a bonito dashi. just ask. miso soup is pretty much instant to make, and most restaurants have more than one dashi on hand. a kombu dashi or just plain veggie broth works fine. that's how i make mine at home. :) --essie