Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 17

Apologies for the late blog entry.

Tues. was a rather active day. Had 2 bananas for breakfast, decaf coffee, and plenty of water. I had an appointment at the gym where my fitness, strength and body fat was examined. As expected, it took me a full 2 Minutes to bring my heart rate down from 150 to 120 after walking quickly on a steep incline, and my body fat percentage is too high. My strength was excellent, and so was my resting heart rate.

I have increased my work-out routine through suggestions by my trainer in London, and I have a complimentary training at the gym on Friday. The days of cardio only are coming to an end, and an even more rigorous work-out routine is now in the rotation.

Lunch was a large salad with plenty of legumes. Yes, I had to ask my doctor what they were (I'm not a smart man). Most common legumes are alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, lupins, mesquite, carob, soy, and peanuts. A great source of protein.

For dinner I met my cousin who is in town since he works with Devo! We went to Live Bait, a Bayou restaurant on 23rd St. that has been around for years. I used to drink there in the mid-90's, and it was there that my good friend, who is allergic to nuts, discovered that their chicken wings batter is made with slivers of almonds with an emergency trip to St. Vincent's Hospital. It was also at Live Bait that I inadvertently ordered a soy burger 14 years ago and was surprised how good it was. That memory, coupled with some good soy burgers I had at a party back in January, was in the back of my mind when I agreed to go on an all vegan diet.

It was great catching up with my cousin talking about Devo, and his friends who were members of the Z-Boys skateboard team in Dogtown.

Although, I was surprised to hear that some of the roadies are vegans too! What happened to Jack swilling, burger eating rock and roll roadies? Geez, even the once dirty pirates of rock and roll are becoming sissified like me! Well, I guess life extension is actually a good thing, even in a rock band. "Hello, Cleveland!"


Terrence said...


Thank’s for the multiple inquiries: Dogtown was a nickname for a seedy and broken down part of Venice Beach, California. The Z-Boys was a skateboard team in the 1970's that revolutionized skateboards style and popularized skating in empty swimming pools, etc. There was a great documentary about them that came out a few years ago, and then a so-so motion picture came out about them. Finally, "Hello, Cleveland" is a line from the comedy about rock and roll called “Spinal Tap.”

I should not have to explain my inside jokes and comments, but this one is a free-be. Next time, you’ll have to do your own research.

hebba said...

Oh, that's just painful that people asked for clarification of that post! (especially today, in the time of Google)