Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fresh is Best

One of the best days of eating I ever had was about 10 years ago on the shore of the North Fork of Long Island. Every single thing I consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner (including dessert) was farmed, hatched, grown, or caught -- and made with local ingredients -- within a 1 mile radius of where I was staying. It was the best day of eating, ever.

Taking the debate about animal products out of the equation, what is non-debatable is that fresh, non-processed food tastes better, is better for you, and is better for the environment. Period.

My breakfast and lunch on Tues., Day 24 was much the same as the previous 3 weeks.

Dinner was a delight. I was turned on by a friend to HanGawi on 32nd Street in Korea Town.

Compared to the previous night's food there is no comparison - whereas Angelica is a good restaurant, I was reminded with every bite that I was at a vegan restaurant. At HanGawi, I totally forgot I was eating such a healthy meal!

HanGawi is a vegan Korean restaurant and is all about the freshest food possible. It was an amazing meal! You must remove your shoes and sit at a small table - it is very Zen-like and relaxing.

I started with the Steamboat soup - an awesome soup broth with mushrooms, and broccoli. We also ordered the pancake sampler which included pancakes made of leek, spicy kimchi mushroom, and kabocha pumpkin with mung beans. That was terrific, especially the leek oddly enough! Then we had the Emperor's Rolls which looked more like a painting than a meal. The large plate comes with mini tortilla-type rolls and then arranged like the face of a clock, were neat piles of mushrooms stems, different types of peppers, cabbage, shredded carrot, etc. You made your own rolls and added a delicious sauce to each. For my meal I ordered the vegetable stone bowl rice. It was a sizzling platter of vegetables, and rice (I think it was white rice, or a combo of white and brown rice so I should not eat too much of those starchy carbs during the week); all mixed up with a very spicy sauce in a stone bowl - it was fabulous.

When we left our shoes were waiting for us. I was full, and happy that I gorged myself with such fresh, vegan food.

I cannot wait to go back!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...sitting there, and my ocean liner is steaming right for it! I have a vegan roast that I will bring to my friend's place. But, how will I celebrate this eating day of all eating days? I aim to go to one of the vegan bakerys in town for a vegan pie.

Stay tuned.

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