Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the 12th Day of Veganhood...

I really can't go back to my old weight. I won't let it happen since I am feeling better, lighter, more energy and the knees are not hurting nearly as much on the stairs! Even the circumference of my waist, actually my stomach, has shrank by 2 inches.

Enjoyed oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, then a banana. And then I screwed up again. My plan to go to the gym at noon, and have my salad afterwards turned into working through lunchtime, then hitting the gym, and then deciding that I would be home in a couple of hours and eat then. Bad idea! I know it was a bad idea!

Yet, I went home and had a large meal of a fake double cheeseburger, green beans and some fake fish sticks.

On my first day of posting, 12 days ago, I received the following statement/question:

"Uh ... Okay ... I'll be looking for the explanation for eating fake foods."

The most simplistic answer is that the reason one eats fake meat (not fake food since it is is made with soy, onion, etc.) is that it is better for you than eating a real cheeseburger.

I will not outline all the scientific and nutritional issues of the danger in red meats here - you can get that online or sign up for Dr. Joel Fuhrman's free newsletter.

I will say that the American Cancer Institute conducted research that was published in May of this year that determined that those who ate red meat daily were more likely to contract cancer and heart disease.

Also, a "fake" soy or veggie burger with "fake" cheese is half the calories and half the fat of the real thing.

Now the important part: It tastes pretty good. I made my double cheese burger and added a slice of tomato, and mustard and a few dollops of steak sauce. I enjoyed it! If I were at a picnic, and had no idea it was fake meat it would take me at least until halfway through before I realized that there is something a bit different, certainly not bad, but different about the burger. However, the taste and smell is enjoyable. For me tonight, when I was not thinking about it the burger tasted like a burger, but when I thought about the fact that this is a fake burger it was very evident that it was different. Bottom line - if you eat three burgers a week, make one of them a veggie burger - try it out. The brand I am eating is very very good. And don't obsess over the fact that it is not real meat - relish in that fact.

I think the last time I ate a cheeseburger, fish sticks, and Jolly Green Giant green beans from the can I was 11 years old.

I will certainly not eat these fake burgers and breaded fish sticks every night - maybe two nights per week, but when I do I'll know it is better for you than the real thing, and it tastes pretty good too.

Today was not the healthiest day - missing lunch, and gobbling up burgers and fish sticks - but it was still vegan, and much better than what I normally would have had.

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annabella said...

Oh wow, vegan fish sticks. I can't even remember the last time I had regular fish sticks. Camp?

This all reminds me of Red Bamboo, I think it's down around West 4th across from Galanga (yummy Thai) - lots of faux meats. I ordered a "beef" and broccoli there once and had to ask if they were sure it wasn't beef, because it tasted that similar!

And taste is critical. No matter how healthy something is, it's hard to stick with a diet or lifestyle change or whatever if the food sucks.