Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2

My body knows something's up. It's not sure what it is, but something is a bit different. I had a headache this morning and I felt sluggish - but not in the hangover way, it was a different feeling, like my body was used to a certain routine, and now it took a different turn. Eat alot of meat, go out drinking, spend Sunday on Gatorade, eggs, then beer and wings for the games. Repeat. Although there was no "repeat" yesterday. No Gatorade (I got my electrolytes yesterday from O.N.E. coconut water), no eggs, no beer, no meat, just healthy, nutrient dense food.

Now this generally different feeling was not earth shattering, it was relatively minor, but my body knew...perhaps it thinks yesterday was just an's in for a rude awakening!

So today I read that 546,000 pounds of contaminated meat was recalled after being linked to two deaths. That is one less thing I have to worry about.

For breakfast I had a carrot, and then some oatmeal with granola. Snacked on some almonds and an apple.

Then I went to the gym.


This is what is going to help morph my 2009 self into my 1990 body.

Through my off-site trainer, Ben, who is based in the U.K., I was given a simple, but rigorous cardio-intensive program to follow. I will be doing this at least 3 times per week, no exceptions.

The biggest difference between today, and last week was that as I sat in the locker room I was not filled with dread, rather I was a tad begrudging about the impending work out, but I had a purpose. I did not waste time, and I did not take extended breaks, I got to work and did cardio for 50 minutes. 10 min bike, 20 minutes walking briskly on a steep incline, and 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Soon, as this becomes habit, I look forward to wanting to go to the gym.

Here is the difference between working out now versus just last week. In the recent past working out was something I sometimes dreaded. Today, although I certainly did not skip over to Equinox and eagerly put on my work-out clothes, smiling ear to ear, I did have a sense of purpose. I have a specific goal, and specific time frame. Last week, if I did not feel like going to the gym I wouldn't. Now, it is like Hell Week in football practice. In the middle of August the last thing you want to do is go to two-a-day practices in full pads. However, you are a part of a team, and you'd never dream of not practicing. It is not with dread that you practice, you just practice whether you feel like it or not. I am glad I was feeling that old purpose of an athlete. I hope it continues!

For dinner tonight the chili is still a bit off in taste so I added more tomatoes and hot sauce. I've had vegan chili before it was not bad at all. I just need to find the perfect recipe.

Finally, what shocked me was I also had a couple of vegan fish sticks. Far and away the best tasting "fake" food I have had. They are breaded and the taste and texture is very similar to the real thing. The color is brown so psychologically it is not that great white color.

I don't have the mini-shakes like this morning, and I am feeling fine as I write this -- well, as fine as one can feel with the Yankees down 3-1 in the 2nd.

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