Sunday, November 1, 2009


Three months ago my friend suggested an idea, an experiment really, to take a hard-core carnivore and make him a vegan for six months to see the effects on weight loss, and improved health. Not me she assured, rather someone else willing to have their vegan food supplemented by a company, and their weight loss and health improvements documented. This was not the first time my friend questioned my health via my eating and drinking habits, so sensing this soft sell I quickly pronounced, “That’s crazy! I would never do that!”

I love the food and drink pleasures of life too much to even think of going vegan! For 10 years I indulged myself in these pleasures, but the only lasting effect is that I am now at least 70 lbs over weight, and have painful knee joints. No matter, give me a bottle of Bordeaux and my giant porterhouse steak dripping in blood and butter any day! I’m happy! Besides, I know how to lose weight, I’ve done it may times before. Bottom line; eat healthfully, and in moderation.

But there is the rub; I don’t do anything in moderation.

So over the past few months as I really thought about it, I realized that that happiness in a juicy steak and fine scotch was instantaneous, but fleeting, while my general unhappiness with the way I felt, and the way I looked was constant. But vegan? Why not vegetarian? Or a moderate diet of chicken and fish and vegetables? Because like most Americans, I battle moderation. My appetite for life is such that if one is good, ten is better! That is called gluttony, and besides being a deadly sin, it is also deadly. It was suggested that I go vegan, and that this company would provide vegan food, i.e. “fake meat,” and it is indisputable that a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet. So, veganism it shall be. Also, to accelerate my weight loss and detoxify my body I will not drink alcohol during this endeavor – I tend to eat poorly when I drink.

Unlike the current crop of popular TV shows I was never obese all my life, quite the contrary; I was thin all my life. I was an athlete from the age of 8 to 28. But, throughout my 30’s I ate and drank to my heart’s (and hardening arteries) content and no amount of advice from doctors or others about my weight gain dissuaded me from having fun. Now, I was never worried about “finally” losing the weight since I would abstain from alcohol during Lent for many years and without increasing my paltry exercise or alter my diet I would still lose 15-20 lbs in 40 days! If I did the South Beach diet I would lose 20 lbs in a month! But all that weight came rushing back like little kids welcoming their dad in a warm embrace after work.

So what started as a gentle suggestion which I swatted away as ludicrous began to grow on me, and I started to think that this is the time, because when I chose to start tomorrow, it never seemed to come. Simply put, if I was going to lose the weight, and keep it off I had to do something drastic. I had to push all my chips to the center of the poker table. I had to be “all in.”

My goal, besides healthier cholesterol, liver, blood pressure, etc., is to get back down to what I weighed my senior year in college. That means my goal is to lose 75 lbs.

November 1st, the vegan quest begins.


Elena said...

Good luck Terry!!! Look forward to following your trek!

Wade said...

Your return to the earth will be a good one I am sure . . Good Luck!

Mr. Havercamp said...

Good Luck Terry. Sounds a bit crazy to me but having struggled to get under 200 lbs myself well....

Vegan Valerie said...

This is great! I see you have been going with this vegan "experiment" for many months now! I'll have to read up on all your experiences! I've never had any drastic weight issues, but I have lived vegan for four years along with my husband. And we love it! We wouldn't have it any other way! Perhaps maybe you'll feel the same someday... Gee, I've got to read more of your posts! You've probably mentioned feelings about this kind of stuff already!

Anyway, it's great to meet you and I wish you the best with this! I think you made a fine choice to give vegan living a shot!

Take care! :)

Terrence said...

Thanks Valerie -- I hope you enjoy reading my progress, and trials over the past 4 1/2 months!