Monday, November 9, 2009

Thinking & Acting Thinner

20 years ago today I walked into my Franciscan Philosophy class at Loyola Marymount University. I was the first one in (an extreme rarity) and my professor was Sister Mary. She said the Berlin Wall had been breached, and that it was coming down. This was before the Internet and cell phones so people got their information from, you know, other people. The news was so shocking that had it not been for a nun telling me I would not have believed it!

Being the only artist on the team I was responsible for making the posters to hang around school promoting our Saturday rugby games. That Saturday we were to play Cal Berkeley, a bastion of radicals who were sure to cry tears of sadness that East Germany and the U.S.S.R. were crumbling. Instead of discussing the exciting events in class we picked up our discussion on the form of corporeity in man and its relation to the soul -- I immediately tried to think of a clever poster idea tying in current events. I couldn't and resorted to the old stand-by: A fierce Lion of LMU ripping apart the Cal teddy bear with flowers in his hair. Cal was one of the best rugby teams in the nation (and still is), and we only lost 12-6. Coincidentally, my counterpart on Cal that Saturday, whom I battled all day, was Mark Bingham who was one of the heroes on Flight 93.

All these memories, and listening to late 80's music constantly on my iPod has me motivated! When my mind is that of a physically fit 21 year-old, I will continue to strive to get that athlete back!

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