Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Doctor

During this radical endeavor from typical omnivore to full vegan I will be monitored by a doctor.

I will be going to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease, and losing weight, through nutritional methods.

Since this experiment is being documented I was filmed on the drive out to Dr. Fuhrman last Friday. Because I have been thinking about this new diet excessively since I made the final decision to do this two weeks ago, I was unnaturally comfortable as I answered personal questions about why I am doing this and what I hope to achieve with a camera in my face. Plus articulating the what, how and why brings more clarity to my mind, and ensures that I stick to this since I am telling everyone what I am doing, and it would be too humiliating to back out.

I familiarized myself with Dr. Fuhrman( I was prepared to ask many questions. Although a bit jarring to have your consultation with a doctor, as well as an examination filmed, it was very informative. He weighed me, took a blood sample, checked blood pressure, and spoke to me for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Dr. Fuhrman is often on TV, lectures at colleges, and wrote two popular books, "Eat to Live" and "Eat for Health."

He is not a vegan, and his formula allows for limited animal products, but since his diet is based so heavily on plant-based foods it was a great tutorial for me.

His diet is essentially a focus on nutrient-dense foods, and for best health and weight loss the ratio of nutrients to calories must be high. He sometimes spoke as if he were giving a lecture, but it was mostly an engaging and personal discussion since I asked so many questions. I echoed the concerns of many in regards to getting enough protein. He assured me there was more than enough protein in leafy greens and beans. I asked why there was not more unanimity about this dietary formula since some doctors endorse eating meat for protein, and others endorse an Atkins or South Beach diet for weight loss. Basically, he is amazed that some doctors are not as knowledgeable about nutrient rich foods.

I will go back to see him December 7th.

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