Friday, November 6, 2009

Still Vegan. Still Excercising. Still Feeling Good. Wildly Off Schedule.

Getting chilly out now, so I wore an overcoat today (a thin rain jacket actually)for the first time this season - big pockets so plenty of room for apples and bananas!

Started my breakfast with a banana and then later in the morning oatmeal with raisins. I was never a fan of regular oatmeal, preferring the sugary, high calorie, but tasty, instant oatmeal. But I have grown accustom to the taste in a short time. It's amazing how good something tastes, even a healthy something, when you're hungry.

Because of my late breakfast I was not hungry around lunch time. This is a mistake. I need to eat breakfast earlier and lunch at the proper time! I worked through lunch without eating, and then went to the gym at 3 PM. Another mistake. I was not terribly hungry, but I was, in the words of the Irish, absolutely knackered. As soon as I got on the treadmill my knees ached, my back ached, and I had no energy. My knees and back were just as sore on Wednesday, but I pushed through, so these aches today were just an excuse. I was extremely sluggish and tired - clearly from a lack of proper fuel - and I only did cardio for 25 minutes. I promised myself I would work-out tomorrow, my off day, and extra hard. My schedule was off, I went to the gym late, I did not properly feed my body, and I suffered.

But, in the old days I would have blown it off entirely, so the fact that I exercised at all was a positive - keeping my gym appointments, at least 3x per week, that's the plan and I am sticking to it regardless. After 25 minutes of the treadmill and elliptical machine, I did the executive work-out and took a steam.

Heading home from work - realizing I skipped lunch - I was starving. In my direct walk from my office to the subway, and then home I pass exactly 22 eating establishments. Like a Bloodhound I picked up the intricate smells of the prepared food in each and every one of them! Tempting to be sure, however, I must happily say that while thinking of my leftover salad of iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, and cucumbers I got excited. Excited to inhale this meal and satiate my appetite, and thrilled that I was not dreading yet another plant-based dinner. Again, this is all new, so perhaps the first week may end up being the easiest.

While preparing my dinner I flipped on the TV and saw "Shallow Hal" was on again this week - is this another sign?

I also tried some new packaged vegan food tonight as well. I had two links of Sage and Marjoram "Sausages." I spread mustard on them and I simply could not tell the difference from a regular sausage. It tasted like a good breakfast sausage (not Polish, not Italian, not beef, but damn if these things did not taste like a real type of sausage!). I also grilled some string beans too. Tonight was clearly the best tasting healthy meal I've had.

It's Friday night and what better way to relax than with a nice dram of Lagavulin scotch whisky. But tonight, in her place, I traveled south from Islay, Scotland to Piccadilly, London and have chosen a nice cup of Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey tea. It's not the same of course, not even close. But in a psychological way, OK, in a bizarre way, I am trying to approximate drinking something fine. So be it that it's only tea. Of course I am being the crude, but proud American, and drinking it without milk...or soy milk.

Good night to Day 6. Feeling good.

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