Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1

This past week I spent eating all of my favorite foods that I would be giving up. Sushi, a giant steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky's, etc. It was a farewell tour, if you will, of foods not entirely unhealthy, but which contribute to my moderation wrestlemania.

After a great night, and a late night, celebrating Halloween I awoke to a new life. Game on! To sweat out the night's festivities I camped out in the sauna at the gym as I contemplated what to eat today.

From now on my meals would not be solely motivated by urges. No more will I ask the question, "What am I in the mood for?" As I become more adept at all the restaurants, and vegan foods I should be able to ask the question of urges, but gear it all towards a vegan diet. But I know full well that vegetables and fruits will be the cornerstone. That is my biggest fear -- will I get used to that?

I chose to start this diet on November 1st since Marathon Sunday is my favorite day in New York City. I love going to the bars on 1st Ave., and eating things like chicken wings. If I can survive today I would be off to a good start!

I survived. Although the temptation was immense! Instead of hiding from my old habits I embraced them. I strolled up 1st with all the people cheering the runners, the bands on the sidewalks, and the parties happening every ten feet. I settled in, drank my water, ate my banana and actually had a great time.

My breakfast consisted of a bowl of mixed fruit. I snacked during the day on some almonds, grapes, and an apple. A grocery store had a giant box of free apples on the sidewalk - I took it as a sign!

My lunch was a vegan cheeseburger (fake meat, fake cheese) and I will comment more on that during the week as I eat more of them. Bottom line, it is not that bad. My dinner was a giant mixed salad.

Well, after Day 1 I feel good that I ate so healthy today. I'm not hungry, but watching the marathon, and then football, and then the World Series without beer or comfort food is a bit of a challenge.

You can do anything for just one day, I am eager and anxious about how I will handle this new lifestyle day in and out for the next six months!


Jim Purdy said...

"My lunch was a vegan cheeseburger (fake meat, fake cheese) and I will comment more on that during the week as I eat more of them."

Uh ... Okay ... I'll be looking for the explanation for eating fake foods.

Best wishes to you.

MOM said...

Terry, we are so proud that you have chosen this road to a healthier you. our thoughts will be with you as you travel this journey. Hopefully others will follow you, and they also will experience the wonderful feelings you will acquire as you begin this new way in life to become healthier. We know you are in good wishes. xoxo mom & dad

annabella said...

Hey there! Congratulations - you are going to look, and feel, so amazing. I owe you a much longer e-mail, but great places to eat are Candle Cafe and Candle 79, the Good Health Cafe does great fake-meat things (the soy chicken is actually tasty), and I have 900 recipes.

For starters, check out - most of the recipes are vegan, but the ones that are vegetarian, you can easily omit the cheese/egg.

Here's to day two! :-)