Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunrise Show Down

Like the town's people in "High Noon," I chose to hide rather than fight.

You seemed no match for me. I knew I couldn't lick you no matter how big my posse. So I stayed away. Oh, I dithered and made myself busy - tinkered at the blacksmiths, cleaned out the corrals, did a little possum huntin'. But I stayed away from Main Street that's for sure. No tellin' when I might bump into you by mistake.

I planned my route accordingly, walking around the back of the saloon, the barber's, and the sheriff's office. I planed it well, too!

But I made a mistake. It was high noon, and I walked into the cafe. You are never there at high noon! You are long gone by 11, 11:30 tops! What were you doing there? How could I be so stupid?!

But there you were, and you didn't move an inch. You stared at me. I looked away, but I looked back at you. I knew I couldn't avoid you for the entire 6 months! I had to make a stand now, or live like a coward forever! I was alone - no Clem, no Red, no Buford, just me. Just me and you, face to face. There you were...EGGS!

You knew I started each day with you! All of ya! Hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, poached, Florentine, Benedict, and over easy. But, it wasn't easy! I needed you! But now, now you are dead to me. I had to stare you down. I had to overcome my desire. You lost eggs! You lost! I walked right down Main Street passed you! No eggs today, pal, no eggs until the Spring of 2010. How does that make you feel? Huh? You are powerless over me! Well, at least for today. We will meet again, and when we do, I bet I go for the apple and banana again!


Jim Purdy said...

Enjoy your apples and bananas.

I have Type 2 diabetes, and I've gone very low-carb in order to get my blood glucose down.

I'm going to enjoy scrambled eggs with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and ham, all fried in real butter/

Hopefully we'll both do well.

Best wishes to you.

Terrence said...

The eggs would have been better tasting, but the banana and apple was better for me.

My next adventure is to try to make some scrambled tofu - the picture looks great on the website. Hope it tastes half as good.

annabella said...

A friend of mine just sent me this - check it out...

Eggs are overrated.

Andrea said...

"Sunrise Show Down" brought a big smile to my face. You're doing great and I think you are "eggs"tra special for working so hard at changing your lifestyle! Felicitations!

annabella said...

You have to try the seitan fajitas at Candle Cafe. I'm eating them now and am inspired to share this with you!

hebba said...

I love your blog! Kind of a "Supersize Me" in reverse. Good luck; I'll be following your progress.

Mad Dog said...

Dude. You're growing weird on me. Lighten up Francis and have a scotch - "over easy."
Good luck... Gosh this beer is going down so smooth. I love it when it touches my lips...